Towing Service | 3 Ways To Handle A Car Tyre Puncture Calmly When You Don't Have A Spare

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Towing Service | 3 Ways To Handle A Car Tyre Puncture Calmly When You Don't Have A Spare

16 June 2016
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Your tyres are likely reliable most of the time, but there's also the rare possibility that they can get punctured because of incorrect pressure or sharp objects on the road, making it difficult for you to drive further. If you're on a major highway, it's easy to panic, but this may cause you to end up in a devastating accident because of fast speeds. Be sure to calmly follow these directions to prevent any accidents when you don't have a spare.

Slow Down But Avoid Making Sudden Turns

When your tyres puncture, the first thing you need to do is slow down and move to the side of the road. But many drivers tend to panic and make sudden turns to get to the side. This can cause instability, and you may end up losing control of your car because the tyres don't operate as they should. Make sure you don't force the car in any direction by suddenly turning the steering wheel, since your car is at risk of toppling over. 

Keep Your Foot On The Accelerator Without Hard Braking

Don't make the mistake of taking your foot off the accelerator until you are able to slowly come to a halt on the side. If you rapidly release your foot off the accelerator and press the brakes too hard, you car will transfer more weight from the rear tyres to the front, which may cause it to turn over. If your car starts to swerve, don't take your foot off the accelerator. Instead, keep it gently pressed, but don't increase your speed. This will help you regain control of your vehicle without risking a car tumble. You can then gradually halt after you have regained control of your car before calling the towing service.

Stay Inside The Car Since You Don't Have A Spare

Since you don't have a spare tyre, there's no sense of getting out of your car to fix the flat. The last thing you want is to get caught in some unsafe situation outside your car, so your best option is to stay inside until the towing service arrives. Keep in mind that highways are dangerous for people on foot because it is difficult for other motorists to see you. This could increase the likelihood of you getting hurt.

Getting stuck with a flat tyre on a highway without a spare is scary. Always make sure that you have an operational spare tyre in your car. But if you're in a situation with a flat tyre and no spare, follow these directions calmly and wait till the towing service arrives. 

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