Preparing Your Heavy Machinery/Equipment for Transport

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Preparing Your Heavy Machinery/Equipment for Transport

6 May 2016
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Transporting heavy machinery and equipment such as tractors, forklifts and even vehicles is quite involved. You will need to find a reputable heavy machinery transport company and negotiate transport costs. However, before the arrival of the moving truck, you have to prepare your heavy machinery for the transport. This will help ensure that it's safe during the transport. Preparation is easy but can be overwhelming if you have never done it before.

For this reason, here are a few preparation tips you may want to consider.

Obtain Any Necessary Permits

Find out whether you will require any permits for transporting your heavy machinery. This is because overweight or oversized machinery may need special permits. Therefore, to avoid any legal complications, obtain all the necessary permits before the transportation.

Conduct Safety Checks

Safety checks are very significant when planning to move heavy equipment and machinery. Safety checks will involve finding anything on the heavy machinery that can be potentially hazardous while it's being transported. Therefore, as part of your safety checks, drain any fluids completely from your heavy machinery or equipment. This is because these fluids may start leaking while the machinery is being transported and this can be very hazardous even to other drivers on the road.

You also want to cover or disassemble any protruding parts or pieces on your machinery. This will not only make it easier for the machinery to be hauled onto the flatbed of the moving truck, but will also prevent potential damages and injuries.

Grease the Movable Parts

All the movable parts on your heavy machinery or equipment should be greased prior to being transported. This is especially important when the machinery will be transported in frigid conditions or temperatures. Greasing will help protect these parts from freezing while the machinery is being hauled.

Protect Your Heavy Machinery/Equipment from Weather Elements

The common mode of transport for heavy machinery and equipment is by road. Therefore, expect your heavy farm equipment, crane, bulldozer or tractor to be exposed to different weather elements. To shield the mechanical parts of your heavy equipment or machinery from moisture caused by wet weather, place heavy-duty covers o your machines. These covers will also protect your machinery from the effects of the hot sun.

For more advice on how you can prepare your heavy machinery before hauling, talk to your transporter. Based on your specified shipment and their experience in the field, they can help you with proper preparation guidelines.

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