What To Do While Waiting For the Tow Truck to Arrive

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What To Do While Waiting For the Tow Truck to Arrive

5 May 2016
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While vehicle maintenance is key to ensuring that your car doesn't suffer unnecessary breakdowns while on the road, it's no guarantee that it will never break down. Your vehicle might come to a halt while you are on the road, perhaps because of unforeseen mechanical issues or even an accident. When this happens, you will want to contact a towing service. However, the truck may not arrive immediately and while waiting for it, you need to ensure the safety of other drivers, especially when your car breaks down on a dangerous spot such as a corner, and your own safety, especially at night or when you are in a strange location.

To help you ensure this safety, here is what you should do before the tow truck arrives.

Protect Other Drivers by Turning on Your Hazard Lights

This is very important because it will alert the other drivers on the road that there's something wrong. This will protect them from ramming into your car and causing injuries and damages.

Try Getting Your Vehicle As Far Away From the Road as Possible

You want to get your vehicle out of harm's way by moving it to the side. This will simply prevent any accidents that might damage your vehicle even more. In addition, it will protect anyone that's inside your vehicle from potential injuries caused by accidents. Third, moving your vehicle to the side will save time when the vehicle is being hooked. If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, the traffic from other vehicles may interfere with the process and slow it down.

Stay Put

When stuck at night or in a strange location, it's always imperative to stay put inside your car. Other ill-intentioned people may find this as an opportunity to take advantage of your situation and try to rob you or your car. Therefore, stay in your car and talk to people only via your car window. Staying inside your car doesn't just help protect you from potential thieves, but also protects you from potential injuries in case you leave the car and run into busy traffic.

However, you don't always have to stay inside your vehicle while waiting for the tow truck. Try to figure out the cause of the breakdown first. For instance, you wouldn't want to stay in your vehicle if it is leaking fuel or any other materials that are hazardous.

By following the above tips, you will ensure everyone stays safe before truck services arrive.

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